Pat's Favorite Daylilies


Abstract Geometry
'Abstract Geometry'

Alien Corsage
'Alien Corsage'

alien concept
'Alien Concept'

Alien DNA
'Alien DNA'

Angel Armies
'Angel Armies'

Arctic Lace
'Arctic Lace'

army of darkness
'Army of Darkness'

Ashwood Rings of Saturn
'Ashwood Rings of Saturn'

Artistic Web
'Artistic Web'

Ashwood Rings of Saturn
'Baby Dragon'

bela lugosi
'Bela Lugosi'

beside still waters
'Beside Still Waters'

billy the Kid
'Billy the Kid'

Blackbeerries and cream
'Blackberries and Cream'

Bluebird butterfly
'Bluebird Butterfly'

boston marathon
'Bold Endeavor'

boston marathon
'Boston Marathon'

Brer rabbits Baby
'Brer Rabbit's Baby'

brooklyn twist
'Brooklyn Twist'

butterfly moon
'Butterfly Moon'



Canadian Border Patrol
'Canadian Border Patrol'

carnival king
'Carnival King'

Cast Your Net
'Cast Your Net'

Celebration of Angels
'Celebration of Angels'

champagne charlie
'Champagne Charlie'

Chang Dynasty
'Chang Dynasty'

chief whooperee
'Chief Whooperee'

Choctaw Chick
'Choctaw Chick'


Cloud Chaser
'Cloud Chaser'

Coat and Tie
'Coat and Tie'

Corduroy Eyes
'Corduroy Eyes'

creator's song
'Creator's Song'

Curls Gone Wild
'Curls Gone Wild'

Custard Candy
'Custard Candy'

Pat's OAKLEAF Daylily Garden
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