Pat's Favorite Daylilies

H - L

Handwriting on the Wall
'Handwriting on the Wall'

Handwriting on the Wall
'Heads or Tails'

heartbeat of heaven
'Heartbeat of Heaven'

Heartbreaker Alex
'Heartbreaker Alex'

Heavenly Angel Ice
'Heavenly Angel Ice'

Heavenly Danger Zone
'Heavenly Danger Zone'

Heavenly explosion
'Heavenly Explosion'

Heavenly Final Destiny
'Heavenly Final Destiny'

Heavenly Flight of Angels
'Heavenly Flight of Angels'


Hold Your Horses
'Hold Your Horses'

Horton Hears A Whoo
'Horton Hears A Whoo'


Igor F. Palacios, M.D.
'Igor F. Palacios, M.D.'

Illegal Alien
'Illegal Alien'

Infinity and Beyond
'Infinity and Beyond'

Intelligent Design
'Intelligent Design'

In the Heart of it All
'In the Heart of it All'

Its Miller Time
'It's Miller Time'

Janice Brown
'Janice Brown'

Jerrys Whirligig
'Jerry's Whirligig'

Keep The Faith
'Keep the Faith'

Kona Coast
'Kona Coast'

Karen's Curls
'Karen's Curls'

Handwriting on the Wall
'Kiva Dancer'

lake effect
'Lake Effect'

Laurel Cash
'Laurel Cash'

Last Man Standing
'Last Man Standing'

Lavender Arrowhead
'Lavender Arrowhead'

Lavender Blue Baby
'Lavender Blue Baby'

Lavender Evensong for Al
'Lavender Tomorrow'

Lavender Tomorrow
'Lavender Evensong for Al'

Lemon Parchment
'Lemon Parchment'

Linda's Magic
'Linda's Magic'

Light of the World
'Light of the World'

Lingerie Party
'Lingerie Party'

Little Dreamcaster
'Little Dream Caster'

Little Light of Mine
'Little Light of Mine'

Little Miss Lucy
'Little Miss Lucy'

Lois OKeefe
'Lois O'Keefe'

Lone Star Wagon Wheel
'Lone Star Wagon Wheel'

Lord of Autumn
'Lord of Autumn'

Lucky Streak
'Lucky Streak'

Pat's OAKLEAF Daylily Garden
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