Pat's Favorite Daylilies

T - Z

Techny Peach Lace
'Techny Peach Lace'

Texas Feathered Fancy
'Texas Feathered Fancy'

Traffic Reporter
'Traffic Reporter'


Truly Angelic
'Truly Angelic'

Ultimate Illusion
'Ultimate Illusion'

Victorian Lace
'Victorian Lace'

Volcano Tankesley-Clarke
'Volcano Tankesley-Clarke'

Wall of Fire
'Wall of Fire'

Watercolor Etching
'Watercolor Etching'

White Base
'White Base'

White Eyes Pink Dragon
'White Eyes Pink Dragon'

Wild Horses
'Wild Horses'

Wild Dolly
'Wild Dolly'

Wild Times
'Wild Times'

Wild Wookie
'Wild Wookie'

Pat's OAKLEAF Daylily Garden
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