Garden Companions

What is a garden without a cat? Any nuisance created by cats' toilet habits is more than made up by their loyal companionship in the garden and in the house.

Fennel was lucky to be adopted by us. She and her siblings were found at two days of age at the local garbage dump, where many feral cats live. The kittens had evidently been abandoned by their mother. They were rescued and raised by foster parents in a loving household with other cats and dogs. At the proper age, Fennel and her siblings were put up for adoption at Heartland Humane Society, which is where we found her. She is a small cat, but full of mischief. She and Yoda are buddies. She is kept indoors most of the time, but under supervision, is allowed to enjoy the garden.

Yoda ...Yoda came to us in 2005 as a 12-week old kitten from the Heartland Humane Society. He was already named, and we stuck with the name because he responded to it, and because it aptly fit his large ears that to this day splay out to the side when he is relaxed. He's a sweet, outgoing, monster size (19 lb--not fat, just BIG!) cat now, built like a football lineman. His size prevents him from wiggling through the deer fence, so he is permitted outside under supervision.

Mazzie, The Supervisor... We found her at the Humane Society where she was reported to be about a year old and a stray. She quickly made herself at home, made friends with Rufous (see below) and amazed us with her energy, quickness and even temperament. She was one cool cat! After a mishap in which she lost the sight in one eye, she was kept indoors. She passed away at age 11 from an immune disorder.

Mazzie Mazzie2

Rufous the Timid...He ran from us during the day, but snuggled when I sat in the house. Boxes of Kleenex were kept handy to mop up his copious drool. After 17 years with us, Rufous passed away in 2005.

Stormy... Our 12-year old Stormy disappeared from the face of the Earth in May of 1999. He will be remembered for his lengthy conversations, his affection, and his agility.


Pat's Oakleaf Daylily Garden
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