Roses in the Garden

I grow mostly miniature and floribunda roses. Click on a thumbnail to see larger photos and comments. Abbreviations of rose classifications: Min = miniature, F = floribunda, S = shrub, LCl = large flowered climber

Rose island

'Lovely Lorrie" (Min)

C. 'Little Sizzler'(Min)

'Colorific' (F tree)

'Baby Grand' (Min}

'Carnival Glass' (Min)

'Easy Does It' (F)

'Incognito' (Min)

'Robert Clements' (S Heirloom)

'Ketchup and Mustard' (F)

'Moon Dance' (F)

'Sweet Revenge' (Min)

'White Dawn' (LCl)

Pat's OAKLEAF Daylily Garden)
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