About Pat's Daylily Introductions

My most recent introduction is in 2021

My goal is to produce garden-worthy daylilies that open easily and consistently, and produce attractive, quality blooms in the temperate Pacific Northwest climate. Here, cool nights are the rule--in the 50s F (10-15 degrees C). Daytime temperatures are usually in the 70s to 90s F (21-36 degrees C), and relative humidity is low to moderate. Many daylilies bred and selected elsewhere would not be happy under these conditions.

The daylilies I have chosen to introduce will be fine additions to the garden landscape, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Even though bud counts per scape are often not particularly high, bloom seasons are long due to a dense production of scapes. In my garden, rebloom is not to be counted on for any daylily, so there is a chance that these introductions may rebloom elsewhere. I have been conservative when registering bud count, branching, and flower diameter statistics. In my garden, the bud counts that I observe on cultivars by other hybridizers are usually lower than they report. So, in other parts of the country, you may observe higher bud counts than I have listed for my introductions. Because my garden is surrounded by trees, it does well to receive the canonical 6 hours of sun each day. Thus, scape heights I have reported are probably taller than what others will observe in their gardens, even in the Pacific Northwest.

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